To keep you safe as well as our staff and colleagues, we kindly ask you to follow these simple steps on entry to our showrooms.
Thank you.

Please clean your hands Our showrooms offer hand sanitiser stations throughout. They are clearly marked, and we ask you to kindly use this upon entry through the door. If you do not wish to sanitise, we ask that you kindly wear the gloves provided. Thank you.
Please keep your distance We have ensured that our staff adhere to the 2m rule and ask that you kindly do the same.
Limit Visitors Our showrooms are all comfortable to accept several visitors at one time. However, on occasion, you may be asked to kindly wait until another client has left.

Our staff

Clean our hands We ensure that everyone who enters our showroom cleans their hands upon arrival and throughout the day
Wear Masks If you would like our staff to wear a mask during a consultation, please ask and we will happily oblige
Clean the showroom We have a strict daily cleaning regime to ensure that our showroom is spotless, this includes additional wiping of heavily used areas.
Online and by Telephone If you would prefer, then our staff would be happy to discuss your project by telephone, email or online consultation


To keep you safe whilst we work in your property as well as our staff and colleagues, please note and adhere to the following.
Thank you.

Our Installation Team and Project Manager

Clean their vehicles Our vehicles will always be kept clean and sanitised inside
Clean our hands Before entry to your property, our staff will sanitise their hands in front of you and will have already cleansed any equipment that they may be using. This will be done on a regular basis throughout the day where soap and water is not available; and gloves are not practical
  Our staff will wear gloves as deemed appropriate whilst carrying products and/or packaging. However, gloves may not be worn throughout the working day due to the nature of their trade
Wear Masks Our staff will enter your property wearing a mask and if you would like, will wear this during all consultations in your property where a safe distance is not possible. During work, where safe to do so, our staff may not wear their mask for their own comfort.
Safe Distance We will always keep a safe distance from clients and non-family-member colleagues
  If a project room does not allow safe distance policies, we will only send one team member to work with you at a time

We ask of you to

Please keep your distance For your safety and that of our teams, please adhere to the 2m distance guidelines. Thank you.
  We understand that there will be questions throughout your project whilst our teams work on your property and please feel free to ask. However, we request that you limit these to one or two times each day, morning when we arrive and late afternoon before we finish. Thank you.
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